Company Profile: Muso.AI

For the month of December, Industry professionals have flocked to the Muso.AI platform to fix their credits, view their analytics and share their achievements. Instagram as well as other social media platforms have lit up with the screenshots of the app, showing the collective analytics for a music professionals credits. Producers, Engineers and Songwriters, who have never had access to this information, have collectively found a way to celebrate their achievements and validate their credits. This end of year viralness was lead by people such as Mike Dean, Jaycen Joshua, Alex Tumay, Derrick Milano and many many more.

How it started

Co-Founder, Producer and Studio Owner Jay Baumgardner,  has heard the story for as long as he can remember. “I didn’t get credited for my work”, to the point of having people crying on his couch for missing out on grammys, due to miscrediting. After Searching for a solution for years, things clicked when he teamed up with Kyran de Keijzer (engineer at his Studio) and Aaron Kaufman (technologist & start-up entrepreneur).

The concept quickly struck interest from big industry players. Labels, publishers, streaming services, all acknowledge the serious issues caused by a lack of accurate credits. As each company has their own catalog, none felt it was their responsibility to develop a solution, as it wouldn’t be adopted by other players in the industry. Additionally, each party had expressed the doubt of being able to capture this information accurately while people are working in the studio, as well as getting people to care about something as dull as credits.

In the summer of 2021 Muso.AI launched their analytics product line, which would allow music professionals such as producers and engineers to see their combined lifetime stream counts. This information had always been reserved for the labels and artists, but now with the Muso.AI Pro plan could we bring this information to the people behind the scenes. Producers and Engineers would find out that all their credits had accumulated to billions of streams, which helped them validate their place in the market, their rates, and even helped them find missing royalties.

Investment and 2022 plans

The growth that the company has seen in December, has raised the interests of Industry individuals as well as VCs to jump on this exciting opportunity. Muso.Ai is proud to announce they have secured a round of funding that will enable them to continue to excel in credits and building high-value services around correct credit data.

In addition to the B2C product line that exists in the app today, the company is also extending its services to labels/publishers/management companies/streaming services and many other businesses, with a launch of this B2B product line in mid-2022.

For more, visit muso.ai