DIY Spotlight: WholeWorldBand

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WHOLEWORLDBAND could be an exciting new addition to your DIY toolbox. With WholeWorldBand you can make music videos and collaborate on songs with thousands of other musicians and fans. Essentially, it is an award-winning app that allows creative individuals to make music and videos using only an iPad or iPhone.

It is the only app that features easy multi-track music and video recording along with a built-in rights management system. As a result, WholeWorldBand has been embraced enthusiastically by both serious professionals and emerging artists.

The app and management system already has users ranging from major professionals such as Ronnie Wood (the Rolling Stones), Stewart Copeland (the Police), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), David Gray, Within Temptation, Passenger, KODO and New Model Army, to thousands of up-and-coming artists collaborating together.

“WholeWorldBand is the first application to address musical creativity and commerce with the transparency and respect musicians and rights holders have been fighting for,” says Gregory Butler, the newly appointed Managing Director of North America. A creator himself, Butler has worked in the music and TV industries, with credits on over 65 records as well as creating music for the hit television series Project Runway and Top Chef, among others.

WholeWorldBand has pioneered a multi-user DIY platform that provides a way for bands and musicians to engage fans and manage digital rights so that they can earn income from their work.

To learn more about this new DIY tool, visit wholeworldband.com