CD Review: Stoker OST by Clint Mansell


Clint Mansell
Milan Records
Conductor/Orchestrator: Matt Dunkley
Score: 9 out of 10

Clint Mansell has evolved his stylings from his electronic beginnings in Pi to the infamous string quartet heard in Requiem For A Dream to the epic orchestra pieces for The Fountain to the most bare guitar strums in The Wrestler—he even adapted Swan Lake for Black Swan. Now teaming with Korean director Chan-wook Park (OldBoy, Thirst), Mansell brings listeners down thriller avenue utilizing all the techniques he learned along the way. Stoker consists of 18 tracks (a few of which are not Mansell’s, like Lee Hazlewood’s “Summer Wine”). The piano exudes sadness, the strings build perfect suspense while the percussion creates a sense of insanity reflected perfectly by scenes in the film. Decent film, fantastic score. – Andy Mesecher