Demi Lovato Unites with her Warriors

If there is one word to describe Demi Lovato it would have to be…FIERCE. At the Los Angeles Staples Center for her Demi World Tour, Demi conquered the stage for two hours with nonstop energy, power and inspiration. She did it all: sang, played guitar, played piano, and even concocted a Halloween tribute to Michael Jackson by performing “Thriller.” Not to mention she may have brought up a couple of guest stars – Joe Jonas, Travis Barker from Blink 182 and Spencer West, “the motherf***** with no legs.” No big deal. Needless to say, Demi dominated the show and proved that she belongs in the music industry.

The theme throughout Demi’s colorful show was centered around empowerment. Her set list was dedicated to a message of empowering yourself -- not caring about what other people think, embracing difference, continuing to stay inspired and ultimately loving yourself. Specifically with the lyrics from her song “Warrior,”

 I’m a warrior • I’ve got thicker skin • I’m a warrior • I’m stronger than I’ve ever been • My armor is made of steel • You can’t get in • I’m a warrior • And you can never hurt me again

Demi reiterated to her fans to stay strong and always remember that there’s an inner warrior inside of us. To further emphasize her message, she and Spencer West shared the tales of her life-changing experience of visiting Kenya, building schools and walking a mile in the shoes (or lack of shoes thereof) of the tribe women, whom they deemed as great warriors.

Upon seeing Demi at first glance, it might be difficult to comprehend how a little girl can produce so much sound, but she is a straight up rock star. With every strutting step down the catwalk stage, she locked eyes with every warrior in the stadium. She led their battle cry with fighting words to her power thumping anthems: “Fire Starter,” “Really Don’t Care,” “This is Me,” to name a few. Rest assured every vocal melody and every vocal belt was effortlessly flawless and packed a punch, rendering fans speechless and wanting more.

When she finally did slow things down for everyone to catch their breath, Demi transformed into a muse. Every ballad was an open window to the inner Demi. Her emotions seeped from her body to her fingertips – passionately playing guitar, piano and her microphone – and her lips – haunting you with crisp, honest words. She gave her heart to her fans through song and by breaking the fourth wall, talking and connecting with them.

Whether she’s rocking out or mellowing out, Demi Lovato is a fierce fighter. She is a strong soul and thrives on sharing her strength with her fans. She truly is an artist. Not only does she master the music but she lives to inspire and undoubtedly will continue to. She reminds us that even if the world seems like it’s crashing down on us, we are strong and we will prevail. We are warriors.

Words by Siri Svay
Photos by Victoria Patneaude

*Disclaimer: The words expressed in photo blog reviews do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Music Connection Magazine.