DIY Spotlight: Vikingo!

Two Colombians, a Norwegian and an American walk into a recording studio… Although that line may seem like the setup to some corny joke, it’s actually the prologue to the artistic collaboration of rock n’ roll group VIKINGO! With a sound that’s reminiscent of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, and Led Zeppelin, this band excels at creating music that’s honest, fresh, rebellious, and truly creative.

Building off of the political nature of the band’s name, the music is a rebellious anthem against the status quo, with their latest EP Set It On Fire, specifically addressing the discourse in the United States surrounding issues like immigration, social equality and the environment.

Regardless of where your politics lie, there’s no denying that this group has serious musical talent. From the driving guitar to the catchy, yet angsty, vocal leads, the band’s music is easily palatable for all kinds of audiences.

Each member is also skilled in music production. Lead guitarist, Sejo Navajas is one of the head engineers and producers at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, CA where he’s worked with A-list artists like Weezer and Muse. Lead singer/guitarist, Daniel Jiménez Afanador and bassist, Andreas Kvinge Sandnes are both established producers in their own right as well, while Christopher Roberts is one of LA’s most sought-after session and touring drummers.

It’s clear VIKINGO! has some serious musical credentials. To hear it for yourself, check out facebook.com/vikingoband.