Live Review: Kirra at Whisky A Go Go

Material: Oklahoma-based band Kirra is looking to bring true rock back to the forefront with “Fly,” “Tappy Girlmore” and (personal favorite), “Lay You Down.” While the songs tend to blend together on the group’s debut album, they take on new life when experienced live.

Most notably, “Fly” is the band’s most diverse track and leaves little question as to why it was chosen as their lead single. This bit of diversity, however, may not yet be enough to make the band stand out in a crowded genre.

Musicianship: There is no denying that the band can play and sing, but it is lead guitarist Daxton Page who truly dazzles with his solos. Unfortunately, his virtuosity tends to overshadow his bandmates.

Singer Jesse Williamson is inconsistent. His talent shines through, then dims noticeably before shining through again. This may be due to nerves and will be remedied with more performances.

The live versions of their songs, however, do add a bit of charisma and an “IT” factor that is lacking in the recorded versions. Kirra would do well to harness their live energy in the studio and McNeill adds a great bass layer—but when it comes to making their next recording.

Performance: The band has the components that, separately, make them a good rock act. They follow the formula of groups such as 8stops7, Godsmack and Seether to a T. The problem is, the pieces haven’t fit together yet. Williamson has the voice, Page plays one hell of a solo, Stafford’s muscle drives the music there remains a certain disconnect.

Summary: Kirra is on the correct path to bringing back the rock sound of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, but they haven’t put it together yet. Currently the band lacks stage presence and vitality and they should treat their next performances as golden opportunities to hone their stagecraft.

The Players: Jesse Williamson, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Daxton Page, lead guitar; Ryne McNeill, bass, backing vocals; Zach Stafford, drums.

Venue: Whisky a Go Go
West Hollywood, CA
Contact: [email protected]