DIY Spotlight: Ostrich Run


Juggling life as musicians, philanthropists and college students is no easy task. However, for Joel Rowland and Mark Pascale of the band Ostrich Run it is the essence of their day-to-day life.

Like many other DIY acts, Ostrich Run was formed in 2013 to connect with people through music. But, more than that, Rowland and Pascale wanted to bring a sense of unity to their community through concerts and events hosted by their non-profit organization, the Ostrich Farm Foundation. According to their mission statement, “We wanted to create an awareness in our community that ANYONE can engage in making a difference.”

As such, their music, which has elements of Foster the People, Blink-182, Third Eye Blind, and even Louis Armstrong, serves as a platform for the foundation to raise awareness and to donate proceeds to a variety of deserving charities.

Why would they do that? Well, the duo noticed that emerging local charities struggled without significant financial backing. And Rowland and Pascale wanted their music to be “the vessel that connects our abstract creativity with the real world.” High ambitions indeed…

That community approach brings attention to their music as well. “It gives us a chance to express who we are in front of an audience and really connect with them.” As a result their music has benefited as much as the charities they support­—as a kind of a karmic reward.

Currently, the pair are managing their hectic schedules, have just released their first single “Everyone Pretends,” and are finishing work on their first EP which is coming very soon.

Visit http://ostrichrun.com or http://facebook.com/ostrichfarmfoundation