DIY Spotlight: Little Galaxies

Jeanna Fournier of psych-pop band Little Galaxies has had a hell of a time. The singer had to endure years of healing following a serious car accident, and then just as she was back at full fitness, COVID happened. It’s been a constant battle for the band she formed with Amir Eshraghi in 2012.

“2013 was our debut release,” says Eshraghi. “During that time, we became a couple.”

“We started writing songs on the beach—we live in Venice,” adds Fournier. “We wrote our first album while falling in love, and enjoying the summertime.”

They describe their sound as a mix of psychedelic pop and cosmic rock. Think Hawkwind-meets- Lorde. Very song-based.

“We like to explore other genres,” Fournier says. “We’re heavily influenced by folk, pop, rock and psychedelic music. We feel like we meld all those genres together to create something of our own.”

Their latest single is “Waking Sea,” from the forthcoming album One With the Waking Sea.

“After we released our first album, I was in a car accident and we had to take a few years off for me to heal from my injuries,” Fournier says. “A lot of the songs on the album were written during that time and inspired by my car accident. I was unable to sing and play guitar for quite a while. Playing helped heal and get me to where I am now.”

“I did years of voice therapy to get me back to where I am,” Fourier says. “I want this album to be inspiring to people who are trying to overcome something, heal and find peace when they’re dealing with ups and downs in their lives.”

It’s fair to say that Little Galaxies have been “doing it themselves.” They even started a record label, Coconut Spaceship, to get their new album out.

“For years we had been writing all our songs, co-producing our music, producing our music videos,” says Fournier. “For the music video coming out next week for ‘Waking Sea,’ we partook in editing. That’s the first time we’ve done that. It’s about taking the reins and constantly learning, so that we can have control over what we’re doing and make the art that we want without being confined. We also do a lot of the promotion ourselves.”

Little Galaxies have some shows planned, and they’ll be releasing some more new music towards the end of the year.

Visit littlegalaxiesband.com for all the info.