BOSS Announces ME-90B Bass Multiple Effects

BOSS announced the ME-90B Bass Multiple Effects, a free-flowing processor filled with pro performance tools for bassists. The BOSS ME series has been a favorite of gigging musicians for over three decades, combining multi-effects power with hands-on control for building tones in seconds. The ME-90B features 61 unique effects optimized for bass and 10 bass preamps crafted with advanced AIRD technology, housed in a rugged, all-in-one package that’s ready to travel anywhere.

The ME-90B delivers everything a performing bassist needs, accessed via the classic BOSS ME interface for fast stompbox-style operation. There are eight footswitches and an expression pedal with an integrated toe switch, and the onboard effects are organized into logical categories with independent parameter knobs. Manual mode enables on/off footswitch control of each category, while Memory mode provides 36 custom multi-effect setups to choose from. Every footswitch has a different LED color for easy identification, and it’s possible to set all LEDs to light in a fixed color for each mode if desired.

The vast effects selection in the ME-90B includes essential tone shapers like compressors, pitch effects, and filters, powerful drive and synth effects, and a wide variety of modulation types, delays, and reverbs. There are also many dedicated effects for expression pedal control. A Blend knob allows the player to mix in some direct bass sound for clarity, and a send/return loop is available to patch in favorite stompbox effects.

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