DIY Spotlight: Kim Cameron

Savvy DIY artists know that one of the keys to independent success is to create multiple income streams. Kim Cameron not only understands that concept, she fosters it. Cameron, along with her band Side FX, is known for exploring new sounds that offer the unexpected. And she applies that same approach to her career as she explores new and unique income streams.

A high-energy, Billboard chart-topping dance artist, Cameron’s music is played in over 2,500 stores and on radio stations across the US, UK and Australia. She’s garnered over four million YouTube views, charted songs on Mediabase and has won several honors including, “Album of the Year” and “Best Live Performance.”

Recently, her song “Not Into You” was selected by Clear Channel as the song of the month for September and has been added to over 65 stations.

Even with all that attention, as a DIY artist Cameron knew she needed to stretch her horizons and generate income. So she wrote and released a children’s audio book. She personally narrates the book and performs the background music as well as a sing-a-long song.


Her inspiration came from her teaching gig at the School of Rock where she met a young girl who became the first artist signed to her label (Side FX Partners, LLC).

Those additional revenue streams have extended Camer-on’s brand and enabled her to make music her full-time job.

You can keep up with Kim Cameron by visiting http://sidefxnusic.com