DIY Spotlight: Durry

Brother/sister indie rock duo Durry was born in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, where the siblings (Austin and Taryn Durry) were homeschooled by an art teacher and a music teacher. Perhaps their chosen path was inevitable.

“I started my first band when I was 16, just me and my friends trying to make music we liked,” says Austin. “Fast forward a decade, and I had toured a decent amount but never really found much wider success than our core fans. Then 2020 kinda shook everything up, and I was back to square one with my music. So, I started going in a totally new direction.”

Austin and Taryn found themselves quarantined together at their parents’ home, so they started creating music together.

“Durry honestly came about pretty naturally from us just bouncing ideas off of each other and making something we both liked,” Austin says. “We started really working together in 2020, put out our first song and played our first few shows in 2021. Then late 2021 is when we really picked up traction and the gears started turning from there.”

DIY is an important concept for the Durry pair. It’s a way of life, and it’s the way they’ve always gotten everything done. “Growing up we never had much” Austin says. “If we didn’t DIY it didn’t happen. So honestly, DIY is the only way we’ve ever done anything and I think it’s actually been a really valuable experience. When you’re writing songs, producing the songs, filming the videos, editing the videos, taking your own photos, designing your own merch, it really gives everything a cohesive vision. Now that things are moving, we’re learning to delegate those tasks more, but also trying to hang onto that DIY drive. I think that ultra-focused, cohesive vision is what has made this work so well so far.”

    Durry releases a debut album, Suburban Legend, in October— something they see as a reward for their grind to this point. But they’re not ready to slow down.