The Vinyl Record Manufacturers Association (VRMA) is proud to announce the release of its first comprehensive Carbon Footprint Report. This groundbreaking report, authored by Peter Frings of Stamper Discs in the U.K., represents a significant milestone in the industry's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The report is the result of a bilateral effort between the working groups of the VRMA and the Vinyl Alliance, demonstrating a unified approach towards understanding and mitigating the environmental impact of vinyl record production. Through this collaborative endeavor, the industry aims to set new standards for sustainability practices and encourage continuous improvement across all stages of the manufacturing process.

Peter Frings, an advocate for sustainable practices within the industry, spearheaded the research and compilation of this report. His expertise and dedication haS provided a detailed analysis of the carbon footprint associated with vinyl record manufacturing.

Additionally, the report was reviewed by Climate Partners, an authoritative agency renowned for its expertise in environmental assessment and sustainability consulting. This external review reinforces the credibility and rigor of the findings and recommendations presented in the report. 

The report provides an in-depth examination of the various stages of production, from raw material sourcing to distribution, and identifies key areas where emissions can be reduced. It also offers practical recommendations for manufacturers to implement more eco-friendly practices and technologies.

"This report is a critical step forward for the vinyl record manufacturing industry," said Peter Frings. "By understanding our carbon footprint, we can take actionable steps to reduce our environmental impact and work towards a more sustainable future. I am grateful for the support and collaboration from the VRMA, the Vinyl Alliance, and the thorough review by Climate Partners in making this report possible.”

The VRMA encourages all stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers, to download and review the Carbon Footprint Report. It serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in contributing to the sustainability efforts within the vinyl record industry. 

The full report is now available for download on the VRMA website at www.vrmagroup.org.