Crosshair Music DIY Spotlight

DIY Spotlight: Crosshair Music

Crosshair is an online platform that puts artists directly in touch with playlist curators and other digital curators who can introduce their music to a larger online audience. One day after graduating Belmont University in Nashville in 2015, Garrison Snell founded Gyrosity Projects, a digital marketing firm that employed 14 employees––all under the age of 30.

Shortly after beginning Gyrosity, he was putting together a marketing budget for an artist friend with limited funds. After looking at multiple options, Snell realized that getting independent artists’ music in front of big names was just too expensive so heset out to create a way to introduce artists on a cost-effective basis.

Fast-forward to January 2017, and Snell launched his first web app called Crosshair. While in beta-testing, the app helped Judah and the Lion’s “Take It All Back” gain traction on Spotify, and now in its recently launched state it is helping artists gain more than 300,000 streams per song a week. But Crosshair isn’t just about increasing streams and breaking new music: It’s about developing relationships and building foundations that can sustain careers.

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Snell reports, “Every solution I researched was based on an agency retainer fee that was often too pricey for a new artist. I thought, ‘That’s absurd!’ So, I built a tool that would make it easy for independent musicians to get their music in front of quality audiences.” Indeed, Crosshair is bridging the gap for independent artists.

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