We are offering 1000 Static Download Cards for free with a sponsorship back, 10 songs Mastered for free, free Graphic Design for the download cards, and a free Distrophonix T-Shirt.
Retail value: $360

Distrophonix Download Cards are business-card-sized cards that give artists the opportunity to host albums, demos, concerts, and any other digital media on our server; these cards feature full color artwork, and a code that fans can use to download your music! Distrophonix Download Cards are affordable enough that you can hand them out to fans for free, or sell them at a huge profit. Our cards are a great addition to your merch table, as well as a powerful marketing tool!

Distrophonix’s digital mastering services can make those subtle, but crucial, finishing touches to any track. The difference between a demo and an album is one major process: mastering. Distrophonix mastering brings your mix together and creates a unified, tight, professional sound.

Distrophonix is well-known for its clean, eye catching graphics. Stand out from the crowd and let our highly skilled graphic design department create your next logo, CD, t-shirt, website, and any other promotional material.

Distrophonix specializes in serving the music community by providing marketing and distribution opportunities for artists, bands, and small labels. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Distrophonix was founded in 2003 by a group of musicians, for musicians. As a company with international reach, we have marketed, distributed, and worked with thousands of artists and labels. We're a highly motivated group that love what we do, and we strongly encourage a relaxed and fun work environment, while keeping a high level of productivity.

Distrophonix offers services such as Mastering, Mixing, CD Pressing, Download Cards, Digital Distribution, Graphic Design, YouTube Videos, and many more. Please check out www.Distrophonix.com for more information.