The Criticals Sign to Fantasy

Fantasy Records has signed rising indie rock band, THE CRITICALS. Emerging out of Nashville’s vibrant underground rock scene, THE CRITICALS: lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Parker Forbes, and multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, Cole Shugart are generating major buzz for their prolific, inventive songwriting, and a growing reputation as one of indie rock’s most charismatic, must-see live performers.

By the time they formed THE CRITICALS in 2018, Forbes and Shugart had spent more than 10 years playing in various groups in and around Nashville. Barely into middle school, the longtime friends and occasional collaborators gained invaluable experience gigging in backyards, warehouses, and basements, basically wherever they could set up instruments and a PA.  

Inspired by the free-wheeling, indelible songs of David Bowie, The Stones, The Kinks, The 1975 and The Strokes among many others, the music obsessed pair slowly developed their own distinctive sound, a wild blend of melodic classicism and indie rock thrash.

With a burgeoning national presence, THE CRITICALS have been wowing audiences at every stop, playing sold-out clubs in NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Washington D.C., L.A., and Nashville.  To date, the group has self-released two well-regarded EPs, 2019’s Mimosa Hygiene and 2020’s Sour Grapes. Release plans and new tour dates will be announced soon! Visit for more info.

Photo Credit: Hannah Hall Hi-Res Download