DIME Music Group, Metropolitan State University & Beijing Midi Culture Announce MSU Denver at DIME Degree Programs To Be Offered in Mandarin to Chinese Populations

DIME Group, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Beijing Midi Culture Educational Industry Company have announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding whereby the 3 parties will take steps to deliver the MSU Denver at DIME degree programs in Mandarin to Chinese populations. Market research and translation is already underway, and the three parties hope to offer classes online and in-person as early as Fall 2019!

DIME Founders Sarah Clayman and Kevin Nixon will have the opportunity to explore and play a role in the growth of the Chinese music market via the development of the next generation of musicians and industry professionals. China has one of the fastest growing music markets, though it is still yet to be developed in depth by the American music industry.

Clayman and Nixon comment that this could also change the way DIME Group offers degrees around the world via their partnership with MSU Denver – “Musicians, songwriters and music industry entrepreneurs in China do not have the opportunity to study western modern music degree programs in China and in mandarin, and this partnership will open up that market to them. The music industry is under rapid development in China, and todays students and graduates are growing up in a truly global musical environment. They will be the future leaders and we plan for our partnerships to enable more young people to enjoy careers in todays exciting industry.”

DIME was recently featured as one of Billboard Magazine’s annual Top Music Business Schools, coinciding with their 5 year anniversary. DIME was featured for their MSU Denver @ DIME’s Bachelor’s Degree programs in Commercial Performance, Commercial Songwriting and Music Industry Studies. DIME Denver have also recently announced the launch of their new innovative “SOUND & VISION” BA program, which combines the growing multiple skills of the music and film/TV industries for the first time in US Higher Education.

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Pictured (l-r): Sarah Clayman, DIME MD; Zhang Fan, Midi Music Founder; Kevin Nixon, DIME President at the Midi Festival, Suzhou, China.