Chevelle in Riverside, CA - photo by Joshua Weesner

Chevelle at Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, CA

Chicago-based veteran rockers, Chevelle, headlined two sold-out Southern California shows at Riverside Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, and at House of Blues San Diego. Chevelle is a force that must be experienced live. A band that has been able to keep the attention of longtime fans, Chevelle began as many bands do, just a couple of kids in their parents’ garage. The power trio, formed in 1999, consists of two brothers, Pete Loeffler (vocals/guitar) and Sam Loeffler (drums), and brother-in-law Dean Bernardini (bass).

Chevelle is a fearsome live act—one of the few bands that continue to remind us that rock isn’t dead. Hitting the stage with a vengeance, the band of brothers opened with “Another Know It All,” electric from the first note, magnified by the band’s chemistry on stage reminding us that stage presence is something that can’t be taught, and nowhere is that more evident than at a Chevelle live show. Pete’s solid vocals tore into the fierce lyrics of each song in the setlist with razor sharp fangs, as eager fans crowded the stage desperate to hear their favorite hard hitting singles, singing along in perfect unison.

Eight albums in, Chevelle continue to prove to be one of the most consistent alternative/metal bands going today. The power trio released their most intriguing, heaviest studio album to date, The North Corridor in July 2016. Produced by the band and Evil Joe Barresi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Coheed and Cambria), Chevelle avoid over-production by recording their albums with the attitude and excitement of one of their live performances. The North Corridor provides the sound that longtime Chevelle fans have come to love, while still continuing to evolve, outlasting and eclipsing many of their contemporaries in terms of artistic integrity, career longevity and musicianship.

The secret to Chevelle’s success? The love fest they have with their fans. The band might actually be one of the most down-to-earth, self-aware bands in America. They know exactly what they are doing and how best to do it. Pete talked to the crowd throughout the set, showing the genuine passion and appreciation they have for their fans who pay money to see them live—no one in attendance could doubt the legitimacy of Chevelle’s true happiness to be there performing.

In an age where bands seem to come and go, there is something refreshing about a band like Chevelle. Music at its best can be life affirming. It can be healing. It can raise questions, and it can provide a sense of catharsis during some of our darkest moments. That’s all par for the course at a Chevelle show. They are one of the bands that, especially in the YouTube age, are making live shows mandatory again.

Chevelle heads to Europe on Feb. 12.

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Text and photos by Joshua Weesner of Stand Up Alone Productions

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