Cutting Edge C.E.

Cutting Edge Announces 2019 Keynote Speaker Josh Young, Founder and CEO of Atrium Music

Cutting Edge C.E. (formerly the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference), happening August 21 - 24 at the InterContinental Hotel in New Orleans, has announced the 2019 Keynote Speaker will be Josh Young, Founder and CEO of Atrium Music.

In recent years essential issues such as digital music licensing, song placement in Film/TV/Games (aka, Sync Licensing), and payment for music played on music streaming platforms (Spotify, Pandora, Music Choice) has become paramount to artists, their management and record labels. Cutting Edge will address these matters in both its music business panel and Cutting Edge Entertainment Law Seminar.

To direct its music business discussion on these critical issues Cutting Edge CE Conference has selected an experienced music placement and Sync licensing professional as its 2019 Keynote Speaker: Josh Young, Founder & CEO, Atrium Music.

Josh Young, is a multi Emmy nominated Los Angeles based supervising television and film editor whose vision for a better media brand of music library birthed Atrium Music. Atrium Music is a publishing company and music library that licenses and places music in television, film, and commercial productions.

Young is driven in his passion for separating himself and Atrium from other companies and has built Atrium Music as a company rooted in brand integrity and passion. By bridging the gap between creative and business, Atrium Music allows "artists to be artists" while allowing the business structure of Atrium Music to handle their business needs. Over 400 Artists and Composers have found a home with Atrium Music and the vast pool of composers and content producers signed to Atrium Music surrounds the globe covering over 30 countries.

Young continues to write his own story as well by remaining an active part of the beta testing and Avid Technology development team. When not producing, editing, or music supervising nationally syndicated television, Josh is relentless in growing and sharing his personal industry experiences.; seeking new talent and developing new avenues for artists and Atrium growth.

Young will keynote and lead a panel on essential items to consider when licensing music to Film/TV shows, commercials, and video games. Atrium Music is currently seeking clients.
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