Composer Needed For Dark Comedy Feature Film

A California-based production company is seeking a score composer and/or music immediately for an independent feature-length film. The film is billed as a very dark comedy.

Synopsis: After being happily married for the past 15 years, Rick, an overworked and underpaid grocery store manager, discovers his wife and best friend have been having an affair for years. Not wanting to deal with confrontation, Rick decides that he'll take road trip out West and maybe, just maybe start over. Through a series of mishaps and just plain bad luck, Rick finally reaches his breaking point and everyone in his path has hell to pay.

All previous films produced were distributed internationally straight to dvd/vod/etc. The production company anticipates a similar distribution plan with this film.

Seeking quirky, comedic tracks with dramatic/dark undertones. Also seeking music that helps to show a dark side, with plenty of horror and suspense. Songs and background music with and without vocals are needed.

Composers and musicians from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Negotiable (low budget)

To submit, visit filmmusic.net/job-details/FMN-Job-6122---Composer-Needed-Immediately-For-Dark-Comedy-Feature-Film-1923.html