Music Licensing

Music Licensing Company Seeks R&B, Urban, Hip-Hop and Rap Tracks

An online full-service film and TV music licensing company, with recent placements on major TV networks, popular cable networks (Discovery, TLC, History, etc.) as well as top ad agencies, is seeking to add new music to their catalog. Seeking R&B, urban, hip hop, rap tracks immediately. Instrumental and vocal tracks will be considered.

Please note that high production quality of tracks submitted is a must.

Composers, musicians and artists/bands from all geographical areas will be considered.

Compensation: Non-exclusive licensing representation, worldwide; 50/50 split on upfront licensing fees only; The Agreement may be altered on a case by case basis depending on negotiations with the composer.

To submit, visit filmmusic.net/job-details/FMN-Job-5985---Music-Licensing-Co.-Seeks-R&B-Urban-Hip-Hop-Rap-Tracks-ASAP-1734.html