Close Up: Vocal Coach Lisa Popeil

Creator of the Voiceworks® Method: An LA Music Award winner for Career Achievement in Vocal Instruction, Lisa Popeil is one of America’s foremost singing experts, with over 40 years of hands-on, one-on-one experience as a vocal instructor and all-around performance coach. Her globally renowned Voiceworks® Method has, for thousands of singers throughout the world, taken the mystery out of singing by showing clients exactly “what to do” to sing their best in any style—pop, rock, jazz, R&B, country, opera and musical theater. A passionate advocate of style authenticity, Popeil’s techniques feature innovative tools for safe “belting” and deliver instant results.

In Person and Online Teaching: With the pandemic going on, Popeil—whose vocal studio is in Sherman Oaks, CA—is currently only offering lessons via Skype, Zoom and Facetime. While this may be new to more traditional teachers, the transition has been easy for Popeil, who has been teaching individuals and seminars online since the dawn of the “digital age.” Popeil’s private instruction covers singing technique, performance coaching, speech work, voice-over coaching for animation voices, narration, dialects, broadcasting, voice projection, voice preservation, piano, songwriting, demo production, demo recording, charisma enhancement, anxiety reduction and off-site coaching (on-set or in-studio).

Professional Experience: Though Popeil has done extensive voice research over the past 25 years publishing scientific papers along the way, her vast experience as a professional vocalist, songwriter and recording transcends an academic approach and allows her to connect more deeply with students. In addition to early work with Frank Zappa, she has been recording with “Weird Al” Yankovic since early in his career—and toured with him in the summer of 2019. Her self-titled album was a Billboard Top Album Pick, and she has written songs with many of her students over the years. Her voice has been featured on commercials and in television and films.

DVDs and Books: Popeil’s The Total Singer is the ultimate voice-training program for singers and a best-selling vocal instructional program for over 25 years. The deluxe set includes an 88-minute DVD, a 48-page booklet and 60-minute audio CDs with warm-up and training exercises for both classical and popular singers. It explains what every singer should know in simple, easy to understand language. Among the elements covered are: posture, breathing, support, ring, registers and break elimination, larynx positions, vibrato, control of nasality and breathiness, range and power techniques. “The Total Singer” program is available as a download.

Statement from Lisa: “While many teachers spend their whole time in exercises and call that a lesson, my process is efficient so we can get to the songs, performing and recording faster. I truly love to teach and share unique ideas with people. I love to solve problems and see their eyes brighten as they sound better instantly, and it’s gratifying to see them experience success. For me this is a ‘happiness business’ masquerading as teaching voice. I want to spend the rest of my life on teacher training, working with teachers all around the world, doing more international outreach to spread the happiness. I want my life’s work to be my legacy.”

Contact Lisa Popeil Voiceworks®, 818-634-3778