Close Up: Tunedly

A Songwriter Helping Other Songwriters (and Vocalists): The concept of Tunedly, a revolutionary marketplace that connects songwriters, vocalists and other music creators with world-class session musicians, evolved from the personal needs of its co-creator. Chris Erhardt was a songwriter living in rural Ireland, frustrated about the difficulty he had hooking up with session musicians to help him record professional demos. Mylene Besancon, an artist manager who handled tours of Ireland for many musicians, pointed out that many of her clients have months of downtime when they’re off the road––and most had professional home recording studios. Erhardt began using Besancon’s clients remotely as session musicians, and the powerful results inspired other songwriters he knew to record songs with them. Sensing a universal need for such con- nections, the two realized they could turn the concept into a full-fledged online platform. After creating prototype sites and running tests, they relocated to Canada and launched Tunedly in early 2016, ultimately moving the business to St. Louis in the summer of 2017.

How It Works: Designed to help those with limited connections to pro talent and resources, Tunedly allows songwriters and vocalists to give their songs a professional edge with pro musicians––including Grammy winners from around the world––who can help them attain a high-level pro sound. The interactive platform, which creates an online equivalent to a creative studio environment, allows clients to tell their selected musicians, singers and engineers the exact sonic flavors they need for their music in real time. Each musician can hear the track as it’s built and discuss ideas with the others on the session. Services include production, mixing and mastering and the option to hire a pro engineer and project manager to help the session. Tunedly also maximizes song placements through personal song-pluggers.

By the Numbers: Tunedly currently has 60 session musicians on its platform, and keeps the stable small to ensure that nobody sits idle. To date, the growing site has had 300 users and created 2,000 songs. Co-Founder and CEO Erhardt says, “I get the biggest thrill from comparing our clients’ original rough demos and the incredible final results. It’s an incredible process from start to finish, and I love the way all the elements come together to create amazing work.”

Contact Tunedly via tunedly.com