Wolf King

Signing Story: Wolf King

Wolf King have been gaining traction in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last past few years, leaving their blackened hardcore thumbprint on each stage they perform. By early 2017, the group decided it was time to start shopping for a label. In order to do so, the band put together a complete package.

“We recorded an album at Rapture Recordings in Hayward,” explains guitarist Jacob Broughton. The band recorded the full 11-track album, including complete art, before shopping it around. “When we finished the record, we hooked up with our manager, Joh, who helped us shop it around to different labels,” Broughton continues. “Prosthetic was interested in it, so we got a contract written up.”

Just. like. that. As Wolf King’s frontman Tim Wilson explains, Prosthetic Records has some serious street cred, opening doors for some of metal’s most iconic artists. “Prosthetic paved the way for [Lamb of God, The Acacia Strain, Animals As Leaders]. ... We feel honored having that name backing us up.”

It’s not always this smooth of a path for underground hardcore/metal artists, or any musician for that matter. So we asked both Broughton and Wilson to offer any advice. “You gotta keep believing in yourself and keep pushing,” says Wilson. “If you’re looking for a deal, you’ve got to know the business side of it, what you’re worth and what you want out of it–– whether it’s through a label, or self-release, etcetera. It’s a long process, for sure. We got the offer back in July or August. You just gotta be patient and go with the flow.”

Broughton adds, “For artists looking to really try and make an impact it’s good to put all the effort into making a full package for yourself. Thinking about the aesthetic, the sound you’re creating as an individual/ band, etcetera. Recording with Cody Fuentes at Rapture, he gives a lot of influence. He’s a major part of this [upcoming] record [and its sound].”

Wolf King’s Loyal To The Soil is slated for Spring 2018.

Date Signed: Sept. 15, 2017
Label: Prosthetic Records
Band Members: Jacob Broughton, Tim Wilson, Brian Mojica, Connor White
Type Of Music: Blackened Hardcore
Management: Joel Haston, PinUP Artist Management
Booking: Daniel DeFonce, Continental Concerts
Legal: N/A
Publicity: Maria Ferrero, [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/wolfkinghc
A&R: Steve Joh, Prosthetic Records