Swing House

Close Up: Swing House

Small Business Industry Success Story: Over the past 24 years, the multi-faceted Swing House facility has emerged as an industry innovator in event and entertainment production––and a boutique venue for live events, filming, music production and a variety of key artist services. In 1994, its founder transformed a 1500 sq. ft. warehouse on Cahuenga Blvd. into a hotspot for the L.A. music scene, working with a wide variety of acts including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day. As clientele grew, Swing House added key services including rentals, event production and cartage.

In 2001, the facility moved to a six-room, 7500 sq. ft. facility that hosted sessions for Maroon 5, Mars Volta, Shakira and Aerosmith, to name a few. During the 2000s, Swing House’s immersion into the artist community led to participation in local staples like the Abbott Kinney Festival, Sunset Strip Festival and, more recently, Sunstock. With the music scene migrating east to Silverlake, Echo Park and Downtown L.A., Swing House partnered with longtime NYC recording studio owner Jonathan Mover to launch a 21,000 sq. ft. facility in Atwater Village in 2015.

Atwater Village Scene: With the influx of live venues, bars and upscale housing, musicians, actors and production companies in the area are making Swing House a hub. The location offers full-fledged filming, post-production and recording facilities with production suites, along with their mainstay music equipment rental, sound stage, event productions and product sales (based on partnerships with companies like D’Addario, Harmon and Fender) with a store showcasing brands. The state-of-the-art compound caters to professional and aspiring musicians alike, with amenities and technology unrivaled in the local music scene. Its largest studio is 2000 sq. ft. with 19 ft. ceilings––perfect for full tour rehearsals, showcases, private events, live video and photo shoots.

Partnership Platform: Chief Revenue Officer Genoveva Winsen says, “Swing House is now a 360-degree service solution for music, TV and film clients. You can record here, rent equipment to go on tour, hold a concert…everything can happen here due to the partnerships we’ve created for brands and other entities. We are constantly developing new platforms for innovative partnerships within the L.A. community.” Current partnerships include KLOS (which hosted their live Check One Two shows, featuring artists like The Cult and Nikki Six) and Fender, which shoots and produces their Fender Play instructional video series on site.

Contact Swing House, 323-850-4990, swinghouse.com