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The Room Recording Studios


Launched By multiple Grammy nominee Mauricio Garza: For the first 15 years of his career, prolific Latin music producer Mauricio Garza’s home base was Monterrey, Mexico, where he worked with top artists on Warner Bros., EMI, Sony and Universal, including Julieta Venegas, Zoe, Cartel de Santa and Volovan. 

When he moved to Los Angeles in 2010, he bought a small personal studio in Burbank that had all his high-end equipment. For artists coming to record in SoCal, word got out that this space offered the same sound quality as big studios. Garza was willing to let them record there at a fraction of the cost. Soon Garza was booking so many clients that he needed another space of his own, which led to him opening another studio in Canoga Park in 2014. 

Over the years, Garza kept up with the demand by expanding further, and under the branding of The Room Recording Studios he and his team have launched locations in West Hollywood (Melrose) and the Hollywood Hills. These state-of-the-art studios have become popular hubs for hip-hop, rap, reggaeton, rock, EDM pop, jazz and trap artists, earning an international clientele and industry acclaim as one of the best studios in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Setting The Room Studios Apart: With an emphasis on accessibility and customer service, Garza has fulfilled his vision for The Room Studios by providing a high-quality and cost-effective experience that’s approachable for musicians on a cash-strapped budget. He and his team offer the perfect balance of being hands-on when clients need them, but otherwise getting out of their way so they can create. In addition to high-end recording equipment, instruments and accessories, The Room offers special day block rates and night block rates, as well as hourly, weekly and yearly rates. Open 24/7 all year long, they’re equipped with the most up-to-date computer systems and most modern DAW and plug-ins, in addition to the best audio gear. The staff includes some of the industry’s most renowned engineers. 

Select Individual Studio Features: The Melrose facility has an Aguspurger 215H and 218 Subwoofers. Burbank has an Augspurger 212 System with Dual 18 Subwoofers. The very private Canoga Park room (where Smash Mouth and Bhadbhabie recorded their latest singles) has a LOUD UREI 813 System with Dual 18 subwoofers. The Room’s newest SSL Recording Studio is one of the best mixing studios in the Hollywood Hills. It is luxurious and loud, with its Augspurger 5.1 System and a large retractable screen, perfect for scoring or film mixing.

Contact The Room Studios, 310-895-8553