Caroline Vreeland Showcases New Music at the Cactus Lounge

Destined for stardom, indie vocalist and songwriter Caroline Vreeland gave fans a tantalizing taste of her impending independent debut album release, Notes on Sex and Wine. Performing an intoxicating 30 minute set at the Cactus Lounge at The Standard, in West Hollywood, Vreeland took total command of the room the moment she made her grand entrance on stage.

The epitome of fashion, the provocatively dressed, stunningly attractive Vreeland was visually captivating as she delivered a flawless set of original compositions, which included, “Love Is Here”, “Blue Lips”, “Stay Drunk With Me”, her latest single, “Drinking For 2”, and the classic Nancy Sinatra song “Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”. Accompanied by her guitarist, Greg Hvnsen, the duo captured the attention of a packed house earning a well deserved standing ovation to conclude the evening. Vreeland was all smiles as she exited the stage and made her way into the audience to express her gratitude to friends and fans.

Healing from a broken relationship, Vreeland found inspiration for her new album in the works of some of her favorite vocalists, past and present, to create her charismatic style.

“We kind of channeled Patsy Cline, who I love,” says Vreeland. “There’s haunting brokenness in her that you hear. Obviously, I also love Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Nancy Sinatra. It’s very important for me to create a space where people don’t feel like they have to be their perfect version of themselves, and feel that it’s ok to be in that space. I don’t like offering the solution of ‘This is how you can fix it or this is how you can be better.’ If you want to wallow in your problems wallow in them, let that be that and that’s ok too. I am not a dark person like that, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I do like to honor those moments, it’s healthy. I am very proud and excited about the album. I’ve been doing this forever it’s just now finally getting some traction,”

The one time L.A. based waitress has worked tirelessly to secure her footing in a flourishing and competitive indie music scene.

“We are right on track with the hard work we’ve put in,” says Vreeland. “I get very excited and I get very squeamish. This style I am doing is where I really resonate and I guess that’s where my voice kind of wants to sit. I live a beautiful fun life and I get to do some amazing stuff, but I never shy away from showing the messed up stuff too. I’m just unapologetically me.”

“I would like to take my show and travel internationally,” adds Vreeland. “I’d like to take it and develop something beyond a concert, where I get to interact with the audience. I’d also like to get into a van and drive through middle America and do little cities and towns. I want to keep being able to do what I love and see how far I can take it.”

To stay up to date with Caroline Vreeland visit www.carolinevreeland.com