Live Review: Glorybots at Lot 1 in Los Angeles, CA

Material: A wild combination of sounds reminiscent of Depeche Mode and Nirvana meets the Pet Shop Boys with a dark synth-pop edge, the Seattle-based Glorybots bring a refreshing indie sound to the Los Angeles scene. From the Tom Petty vocal swagger and early U2 vibe of “Run” and “Immolation” to the anthem feel of “Gold Politique,” the band delivers an engaging highly memorable experience. Musicianship: In a perfect storm of musical talents, the Glorybots trio of Jalal Andre, Ben Hilzinger and Ian Sides join forces to create a new and compelling take on indie electronica and ‘80s retro pop. The clear musical chemistry and seamless communication between the bandmates delivers a healthy balance of ability and passion. Popular track “Dream About Nothing” is especially reminiscent of 1980s pop anthem glory and generates a familiar party atmosphere. “Blepharospasm” marries powerful vocal lines with hard-driving drumming and punk guitar riffs, and features Andre on bass and Sides switching from bass to full-on rock-out guitar, while the funky electronica of “Soon” combines floating vocals underpinned by Hilzinger’s staccato drumming and Andre’s lilting guitar licks to create a delicious retro trance. Track effects on new release, “Nomad,” with its Kings of Leon rhythm vibe and ‘80s pop vocals, make for a unique and vibrant sound.

Performance: Fun-loving and approachable, Glorybots demonstrate seasoned musicianship, effortless camaraderie and a genuine passion for the best of indie pop. Authentic in their expression and down-to-earth demeanor, their sound is relatable and comforting, and the crowd was engaged throughout their performance, both with respect to the music and the band’s openness with their audience. Andre was clearly at ease at the mic and enjoyed interacting with the crowd, but he also knew when to keep the show moving.

Summary: A balanced combination of talented, energetic and humble musicians, Glorybots makes for an energizing night out with friends. Predominantly upbeat and danceable, the trio paints the perfect backdrop for an entertaining evening with retro-pop-loving friends. Andre’s charisma and conversational approach at the mic creates a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for those looking to unwind with a new twist on a nostalgic but very current musical adventure.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: glorybots.com
Players: Jalal Andre, guitar, bass, lead vocals; Ian Sides, bass, guitar, backing vocals; Ben Hilzinger, drums