Close Up: The Rattle L.A.

The Rattle L.A.


Rattling the Cages: The main page of The Rattle’s website states the purpose of the growing and ever-thriving London-based organization in a clever way: “We are a collective of (blank) rattling the cages of music, culture and technology,” alternately filling in that blank with “inventors,” “producers,” “hackers,” “startups,” “songwriters,” “artists,” —and in line with the spirit of gathering creatives who desire to build their brand outside the mainstream paradigms of the music industry, “freaks,” “geeks” and “weirdos.” Launched in 2018 by artist, writer, record producer and videographer Bobby Bloomfield, tech entrepreneur and investor Chris Howard, and veteran Abbey Road tech and innovation manager Jon Eades, The Rattle’s goal is to kickstart a culture revolution via a re-invention of the music label—re-imagining the startup accelerator—to have a positive effect on counterculture, while nurturing unorthodox thought and process in creating music. It’s a system designed to support itself, rather than supporting those that form its foundation.

Membership Privileges: The Rattle’s business model allows members to have access to their studios (in London and the more recently built one in Los Angeles), receive DIY advice and other similar minded entrepreneurial artists to collaborate, organize, scheme and “make trouble” with. According to Helen Sartory, an electronica artist-composer who is the Director of The Rattle L.A., they are “genre agnostic” and in addition to artists like BAFTA-nominee Alexander Parsons, Americana Music Award-winner Our Man in the Field and Audeobox (featuring several Grammy nominees), they have welcomed into the fold film composers, punk rockers, hyperpop artists, documentary filmmakers, entertainment startup entrepreneurs and creators of mental health initiatives. The Rattle is also working with virtual reality companies that create engaging, audience-reactive audiovisual programs and performances. The application to join The Rattle’s Community: bit.ly/wearetherattle.

Quote from Helen Sartory: “The general industry shapes talent into something that makes it part of the machine. We take on each project individually and ask ourselves how do we build a custom machine around the artist? Some of our criteria are: Do they have an entrepreneurial mindset, where they want to keep control of their career and growth, rather than farm out to a bigger team? Are they open to experimenting with a different business model? Are they looking to add to world culture a meaningful message through their artistry?”

Launch of The Rattle L.A.: Since the Rattle’s flagship location opened in London in 2018, the executive team had been wanting to expand to the U.S. and found the perfect property in late 2019 in the Mack Sennett Studios in Silverlake. Over the next three months, they built out the recording studios and workspace. They were about to open in March when COVID-19 hit. Though the studios were closed for a few months, The Rattle cultivated a vibrant virtual space that connected the London and growing L.A. communities, with daily workshops, unique collaborations and feedback. They re-opened the studios on a limited basis in July for recording sessions, video shoots and livestreams.

Press Contact: Alexa Ennis, [email protected]

Membership Inquiries: Helen Sartory, [email protected]