Live Review: Omniboi at Broke LA in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Chiptune, also known as 8-bit music or chip music, is the genre of music generally found in video games from the ’80s and ’90s. Drawn to this sound at an early age, omniboi is an aspiring producer who strives to create his own unique sound by experimenting with the sounds of electro house and dance with chiptune themes. His recent “Bad and Boujee” remix has caught the Internet’s attention, garnering more than 35K listens on SoundCloud and 290K views on YouTube.

Musicianship: Like his influences, Calvin Harris and Wolfgang Gartner, omniboi’s music draws from a variety of genres while staying true to his roots. In his remix of the Migos hit record “Bad and Boujee,” omniboi seamlessly layers the trap-rap trio on top of a jazzy, upbeat vibe. The beautiful mixture of saxophones, keyboard progressions and strings elegantly wraps the Atlanta rappers’ flows, showcasing omniboi’s talent, skill and potential.

Performance: The combination of a fog machine and neon lasers couldn’t have created a better environment for the bow-tie and white glove-wearing omniboi to take the audience on a melodic journey. The trip started on an upbeat tone, with songs like “catching up,” which captured the essence of nostalgia and excitement. As the journey progressed, omniboi calmed the mood down with the bittersweet and melancholy “Embrace.” The journey came to an end with a bang as he performed the crowd favorite “Bad and Boujee” remix.

Summary: It was interesting and entertaining to see omniboi perform. One would expect his performance to be similar to big-time DJ’s, who seem to do nothing but excite the crowd with their arms; omniboi, however, was all over the place. If he was not queuing his next song, he would be playing rad progressions on the keyboard or another instrument. It was like watching a mad scientist ensuring his every measurement was incrementally perfect. Based on this performance, it will be exciting to see where omniboi’s musical career goes.

The Players: omniboi, DJ

Photo by Don Q. Dao

Venue: Broke LA
City: Los Angeles
Contact: [email protected]

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