Close Up: Brian Bord


Specializing In Homes With Recording Studios For Over 20 Years: When veteran real estate agent Brian Bord moved from London to Los Angeles in 1989, he was puzzled by the overused, uniquely American phrase “We’re #1.” So his branding motto became “I’m Not #1...My Clients Are!” Since 1995, many of those clients have turned to Bord for his expertise in marketing homes with recording studios. Working with both renowned and independent artists and producers, he matches their recording needs and specs with the best available properties. If he cannot find an existing property with a home studio, he scouts for locations that offer the ability to have one built. Brian estimates that 80 percent of the properties he sells have guest houses that clients want to turn into home studios, and only 15 percent of his home sales have studios already built in.

Serving Los Angeles and Beyond: Based in Encino and affiliated with the Beverly Hills-based Rodeo Realty, Bord has matched clients to properties everywhere in the L.A. region, from Santa Monica and Burbank to Los Feliz and Valencia. He has also expanded in recent years to finding properties in Sonoma and Las Vegas, and stays in touch with his U.K. roots by selling properties in London. The real estate market’s resurgence in recent years has ensured that Bord has never been busier looking for suitable properties for his music industry clients–but there are also numerous challenges, including lower inventory. This means there is more of a necessity to build from scratch than ever before.


Going The Extra Mile: Bord’s goal is to seek out properties that match a client’s specific set of criteria. He finds out how much of the home is for their personal use, and how much will be dedicated to the studio operation. Specification challenges include finding space with square footage that will perfectly fit their console and array of equipment, sound issues and construction logistics. “I love working with creative people, helping them put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and bringing clients and the perfect properties together.”

By Jonathan Widran