Chris Roberts at the Hotel Cafe

Chris Roberts: Joshua Tree, CA

Contact: Cory Lashever [email protected]

Web: theofficialchrisroberts.com

Players: Chris Roberts (guitar/ vocals), Eli Wulfmeier (guitar), Adam Arcos (bass), Jake Abernathie (keyboards), and Jason Ganberg (drums).
Material: Blending southern rock, jam band, and rock and roll, singer-songwriter Chris Roberts celebrates the release of his EP “Lost and Found”. “My influences come from everyone I’ve ever seen and heard,” says Roberts. “Not just music, but everything I’ve felt and experienced in life, and it all comes out of me through my songs.” Offering a collection of impressive original compositions, which he describes as “making rock ’n’ roll/hippie/country magic”, Roberts is poised to solidify is standing as an artist destined for success!
Musicianship: Forced to abruptly end his Texas concert tour in March of 2020 due to the pandemic, Roberts and his band headed to the desert town of Joshua Tree, California where they self quarantined, wrote songs, and recorded in a state of the art studio. “The pandemic brought us closer together as a band,” says Roberts. “We got to know each other better. They were kind of hired guns, but then it became more of a band. We recorded a lot of the songs that you are now hearing off the EP. I love these guys and they love me back,” adds Roberts. “We really enjoy playing together.”
Performance: Making his Los Angles at the Hotel Cafe, Roberts performed an impressive hour-long set featuring songs from the new EP. For a band that has only been together for a year the chemistry on stage gave the impression that they have been performing together for years. Flawless musicianship and Roberts powerful vocals and command as a frontman made for a memorable performance. Every song was followed by thunderous applause, whistles, and cheers from an enthusiastic audience that chanted “One more song”, following the band's final selection of the night
"It was a good crowd and I sure do appreciate them coming out”, says Roberts. “The only reason I play music is for the people that want to listen and like music. I don't really have a genre, there are no boundaries. My old school roots are country, but when I get up on stage the boys I want to play rock and roll!”
Summary: Spending years working dead-end jobs, Roberts love for music and writing songs remained a passion. Hard work and determination ultimately found him owning a custom-made hat company, Aspen Hatter. “That’s how I was finally able to find the time to get more into my music,” recalls Roberts. “Once I hired employees and stopped having to make every hat myself, I was able to sit in the corner and play my guitar. People who stopped in enjoyed what they heard. I didn't set out to do this,” adds Roberts.” This isn't what I thought was my life plan. I love to play for people, and when I see them making a connection and having a moment because of the music, well, that’s why I do what I do.”
Photos by Rob Nagy