Chino Moreno Visits SXSW For the First Time With †††

Chino Moreno (†††, Deftones) offers musicians advice before jumping into the festival circuit. He also discusses how to handle multiple musical projects and still manage to have a life.

Music Connection: For your first time at SXSW, have you heard any horror stories about the festival?

Chino Moreno: Not really. I've mostly [have] only heard great things about stumbling upon great music and that is the whole idea of it. Instead of having an idea of what it should be, it is better to take it all in as it comes.

Music Connection: SXSW provides many opportunities. As an established artist, what do you look for at SXSW?

Chino Moreno: I'm established one way because I've been making records for so long with the Deftones, but ††† is a new project. I feel like this is a great place for us to come and introduce ourselves to a lot of different people all at the same time.

Music Connection: You're involved with so many project. How do you balance each one so they get equal attention?

Chino Moreno: It's not as difficult as it may seem. I plan things out six months in advance so I have a good idea about where I'm going to be. Proper preparation is the key to preventing poor performance. I'm not touring like crazy on this project, so it is not too bad. I know when [the work] is too much. It's a balance off all those things.

Music Connection: Would you advice young artists to establish themselves at SXSW?

Chino Moreno: I would encourage them to stay in the garage as long as possible to hone your skills. A lot of times young artists start a band and think they're ready for the world. It takes a lot of work and dedication. It's [important] too build a strong foundation with the people/band you're working with before you go out to present yourself. When you know you're good then this place is great [to get attention].

Chino Moreno's new project ††† released an album last month and is available on iTunes and at www.crossesmusic.com/