Album Review: Tara Jane O'Neil - Where Shine New Lights

TaraJaneONeil_WhereShineNewLights_608x608 Tara Jane O’Neil • Where Shine New Lights • Kranky Records • Producer: Tara Jane O’Neil • Score: 9 out of 10 

O’Neil has been putting out some amazing recordings for several decades now, and her newest here is no exception. This music is hard to describe, although perhaps you could align it with indie, folk, or “post- rock.” It is by turns psychedelic, elegant and frequently ethereal, employing voice, acoustic and electric guitar, percussion and looping to produce introspective music that is spiritual without the trappings of being “new age.” Fans of Eno’s Another Green World will rejoice. O’Neil’s music conjures starlight through a pine forest. Breathe deep.  David Arnson