Celebrate Women's History Month with Falcon Publicity Talents

Hayla’s soaring vocal is heard on Kx5’ debut single “Escape” released in early 2022. The single which she co-wrote went on to soaring heights for Kaskade & deadmau5’ project landing them their first ever Top40 radio single and becoming the #1 radio dance track of the year.  She has also joined the duo live to perform “Escape” at EDC Las Vegas and their iconic record-breaking performance which drew 50,000+ fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. 

"Maybe a better question is - what does it mean to be a man in music? Being a man in music means you don't have to battle for your place, you don't have to prove yourself, you don't have to fight to be taken seriously, and you don't have to worry you're being booked to meet some quota. Being a woman in music means being fatigued by still having to answer this question in 2023. Music is my life and my world, but it has nothing to do with my gender." – Nicole Moudaber

"I never think or create based on my gender nor do I think of myself as a woman in music. I simply think of myself as a musician. Having said that, there have been numerous times that I have been reminded of my minority status, especially in the composer world, which have made me feel that I needed to work extra hard to prove myself.” - Kid Moxie

“Being a woman in music means singing a little louder, expressing a little deeper, and standing a little taller. It means embracing your power, and using it to tell stories and pave a path for yourself that’s void of stereotypical ideas women ‘should or shouldn’t’ be talking about, and focused solely on being the most fully empowered version of yourself: firm, strong, honest, and unapologetic. loud. soft. everything in between.” - Annika Rose