Signing Story: Caroline Rose--Why She Signed With A Small Label


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It is abundantly clear from speaking with the singer/songwriter that Rose puts a lot of stock in being able to exercise as much creative freedom as possible, not only in writing and recording the whole thing alongside fellow musician Jer Coons, but also playing every instrument heard on the album. “I think it’s the death of creativity when you don’t have final cut over your work,” she says. “I know exactly how I want my songs to sound, they pop into my head in full form, so all the parts are there.”

“When you work with a smaller company,

obviously there’s going to be less money.”

Rose, who earned a slot in Music Connection’s Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2013 last December, found herself signing to an imprint of Thirty Tigers, Little Hi Records, which is the brainchild of Kim Buie, ex-A&R for Lost Highway. The imprint currently only has one artist on the roster, which is Rose herself. “It’s really great! I have so much freedom!” Rose laughs. “It’s a wonderful company; they give the artist a good percentage and it’s very hands-on.”

The artist acknowledges the downside of being on a smaller label. “When you work with a smaller company,” she says, “obviously there’s going to be less money than a major label. And that can get frustrating because the budget can limit what you can do with your art. But it’s a growing process and I’m in it for the long haul.”

Rose’s label debut, I Will Not Be Afraid, is now in stores and online via iTunes. – Victoria Patneaude

Date Signed: April 2014

Label: Little Hi! Records/Thirty Tigers

Type of Music: Singer/Songwriter

Management: Mike Crowley

Booking: Frank Riley - High Road Touring

Legal: Jeff Colvin - Marcus & Colvin, LLP, Nashville, TN

Publicity: Carla Parisi, [email protected]


A&R: Kim Buie