Carl Tatz Design Releases New Versions of Its Master Reference Monitors

Carl Tatz Design® LLC has just released Mk II versions of the company's acclaimed high-end Master Reference Monitors. The PFM HD-1000 monitor now has an updated passive crossover and internal cabinet refinements, while the top-of-the-line PFM UHD-1000 bi-amp model which relies on the PhantomFocus processor for its crossover control, also enjoys the new internal cabinet architecture.

The upgrades render a subtly more open sounding vocal range and an even tighter low-mid frequency performance. Notes studio designer and creator of the PhantomFocus System and the PFM 1000 monitors series Carl Tatz, "We're always trying to refine all that we do and since we now have a new PhantomFocus MixRoom lab, we have been able to test some ideas that I've wanted to try and the results are the new Mk II iterations."   
PFM HD-1000 Mk II Master Reference Monitor
PFM UHD-1000 Mk II Master Reference Monitor
The PFM HD-1000 Mk II is also available now as an upgrade to the Mk I monitors and has recently been commissioned at Crystal Gayle's Audio 51 Music studio located in Nashville. "I'm particularly impressed with the tighter low-end and more open vocal sound compared to the previous version, which was already amazing" comments Audio 51 Music engineer Chris Gatzimos. Engineer/producer Ryan McFadden's The Nest, a PhantomFocus MixRoom in Nashville has also upgraded his PFM HD-1000s to the Mk II specifications. A PFM UHD-1000 Mk II upgrade is also available and is less involved since no crossover replacement is necessary. In both cases, an onsite retuning is required.

Upcoming HD-1000 Mk II installations include two rooms at The Panhandle House in Denton, Texas and a new 5.1 PhantomFocus MixRoom at Cool Brick Studio in Carbondale, Colorado outside of Aspen.