BURL TV LIVE Production

Burl Audio has set a new standard of excellence in the world of digital audio recording. For over 15 years, top studios, producers and engineers around the world have embraced the high quality, no-compromise design of the B80 Mothership based on one simple thing: sound quality.

As more and more studios have adopted the Mothership into their workflow, we started to see front of house engineers incorporate our class-leading conversion into their live sound productions as well. With the release of the B4 Mic Pre and A to D converter daughter card, Burl Audio has brought the same improvements from the recording studio to the stage.

After the Covid-19 pandemic prompted the cancellation of virtually all live shows around the world, musical artists had only one place to turn to in order to keep music alive and their fans safe: live streaming.

This new phenomenon in the live music world came almost overnight. We watched as some of our favorite artists struggled to put their music out to their fans. Immediately it became clear that we had a new mission: to help live streaming music sound better. 

In this video, BURL breaks down the ultimate live stream solution, which actually applies to both live streaming events as well as live concerts, once they come back. . . . . . . burlaudio.com