Burl Audio Introduces B1 and B1D Mic Pres

Burl Audio has introduced the B1 and B1D microphone pre amps.

Based on the API 500 series form factor, the B1 is meant to complement the B2 BOMBER ADC and the B80 MOTHERSHIP, and it will give musicians multi-channel capability. With the proprietary BX3 input transformer and BX2 output transformer, the B1 MIC PRE aims to deliver warmth with depth and clarity.

The B1D is the same as the B1 except that it has an all IRON BX4 output transformer giving it a more rock tone. An all discrete transistor, class-A, direct coupled, capacitor free circuit path gives the B1 a punch on drums, tonality on guitars and warmth with presence on vocals.

Video via Burl Audio

For more information, visit burlaudio.com.