Shinedown and Godsmack Invade Southern California's Five Point Amphitheater

Rock and Roll fans have been blessed this season, as it has quickly become the summer of double headliners. With Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch already extending their tour due to high demand and the return of  Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie in their "Twins of Evil" tour; mega bands Godsmack and Shinedown teamed up to hit the road to round out the ultimate summer of rock.

The tour rolled through Southern California’s Five Point Amphitheater on Friday, August 3rd for five hours of non-stop rock.  The venue, having a strict curfew of 11 p.m. saw fans early as they pre-gamed in the parking before the 7 p.m. start time. Opening the evening of music was the New Zealand rock band Like a Storm. Lead singer, Chris Brooks hit the stage toting a large didgeridoo before the band broke out into an onslaught of songs including

Song List: [Pure Evil] [Become The Enemy] [Wish You Hell] [The Devil Inside] [Love The Way You Hate Me]

The first of the two headliners to take to the stage was Shinedown. The band known for their large, loud and explosive stage sets certainly did not disappoint as the band took to the stage with a loud bang. Opening up with an energetic fan favorite, “Sound of Madness” had fans instantly singing along and the energy was felt throughout the amphitheater. The band played most of their hits as well as several songs off their new album, “Attention, Attention”.

The second to the last song saw lead singer, Brent Smith and lead guitarist Zach Myers on a small stage hidden in the back of the pit for an intimate performance of  Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Simple Man” followed by their power dropping encore performance of “Devil”.

The 75-minute performance was absolutely flawless with pitch-perfect vocals, amazing pyrotechnics, and a set that was truly one for the fans.

Song List: [Sound of Madness] [Diamond Eyes] [Cut the Cord] [How Did You Love] [Ill Follow You] [Bully] [Get Up] [Enemies] [Black Soul] [State of My Head] [Second Chance] [Simple Man] [Devil]

After a short set change, Godsmack took to the stage and was ready to rock the foundations. Opening with their title track off their newest album “When Legends Rise” Sully and fellow bands members came to show fans what they had been up to last year. In addition to playing an arsenal of songs off the new album, the band made sure to also drop multiple fan favorites which made for a solid performance clocked in fire and night sky.

Song List: [When Legends Rise] [1000hp] [Keep Away] [Cryin Like A Bitch] [Unforgettable] [Awake] [Someday] [Voodoo] [Batalla de los tambores] [Whatever] [Bulletproof] [Rocky Mountain Way- Joe Walsh Cover] [I Stand Alone]