Bottle Rocket Stage One

Bottle Rocket Stage One (retail value $999.99) is Blue's most accessible Class A discrete solid state mic with a foundation for interchangeable capsules. Precision designed and hand-assembled, Stage One is crafted for a lifetime of use. Compared to similar microphones, Stage One has a very low self-noise specification (< 7.5 dB) and a very high output level (+12dBV), making it the perfect choice for today's high sample rate/deep word length digital platforms.

"I had put this mic up against a Shure KSM44 , an AT4060 , and a Neumann TLM-103 to see what was best suited for me. The others all had their benefits - clarity vs tone and so on - but the Rocket just had this perfect tone and clarity I couldn't resist - I love musical instruments with character - this had it !!!" − BL Joe via GuitarCenter.com

Bottle Rocket Stage One ships with the versatile B8 capsule, though using any of Blue's family of nine interchangeable capsules with different tonal characteristics and pickup patterns can give you the ultimate solution for your specific application.

Retail value $999.99