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Have a 30 minute virtual guitar lesson from Bobby Keller.

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Born in the ‘80s and enthusiastically embodying everything about the style, commitment, and flair of that decade’s heavy metal, Bobby Keller is a new guitar hero for the ages. World renowned guitarist Bobby Keller’s talents and determination earned him a rapid ascendence within instrumental guitar music, already saluted by the likes of Ultimate GuitarGuitar WorldLoudwireBraveWords, and multiple tastemakers. 

Bobby Keller has been setting the music scene ablaze with his unique style of guitar playing since 2009, and is considered one of the top US guitar players enthusiastically embodying everything about the style, commitment, and flair of heavy metal. Bobby is a blues-based player with an arsenal of euphonic rhythm and unstoppable speed, making for a genuinely unique technique and sound. Keller remains devoted to Satriani, Dimebag, the fretboard shred of Jason Becker, the blues-based epic power of Randy Rhoads, the precision rhythms of James Hetfield, and the overall guitar wizardry of Eddie Van Halen, to name a few. After a whirlwind of experience playing shows with top bands, Bobby unleashed a unique solo sound with a string of killer tracks including “Reign in Fire,” “Light Bearer,” and “Perpetual Dreams”. 

Keller is currently endorsed with: ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, Richter Straps, Driftwood Amps, SIT Strings, WB Gear, Fortin Amplification, Neural DSP, Graph Tech Guitar Labs, FU-Tone, Klotz Cables, JH Audio, Quantum Industries, EVERTUNE, and Lasse Lammert Tonality Suite Plugin.

About the Charity:

Chris Evert Charities provides prevention and intervention programs to eliminate drug abuse and child neglect. Drug rehabilitation, tutoring, parenting classes and educational opportunities help substance abusing parents keep their families together. Their efforts ensure a brighter future for at-risk children.  Learn more at:  chrisevert.org/

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