Bobby Jo Valentine Raises Money For Countless Charities

Award-winning duo Bobby Jo Valentine and David Sachs tour the nation year-round. The cities and states may change, but one thing remains the same: each tour raises thousands of dollars for various charities.


Through this model, the duet is able to travel to any new market and play to focused audiences everywhere. They make arrangements with various churches around the nation to organize benefit concerts, raising money for any non-profits the congregation is affiliated with or a need within the church-family itself. The result over the past two-and-a-half years has been tens of thousands of dollars raised for Imagine No Malria, Family Promise, AIDS foundations and private offerings (for example, the duo raised over $5,000 in one night for a six-year-old boy with cancer in Orange County last month).

"His music reflects the joy, whimsy, love, pain and soulful longing that shape his life," Kristy Weprin of St. Ambrose Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado said. "He is very talented and uses his gift and openness to touch those around him. His lyrics are heartfelt and honest, 'from the heart' with wonderful melodies! Can’t wait to have him visit us again."

The fourth BJV album release is set for March 2014.

The Bobby Jo Valentine Duet is accepting calls from booking agents and festivals.
Call David at 949.874.4073 or email [email protected]