BMI files action against RMLC

BMI Files Action in Federal Rate Court Against The RMLC

BMI has filed an action in Federal Rate Court to set interim fees for radio stations represented by the Radio Music License Committee (the “RMLC”) while the two companies negotiate the terms of a new five-year deal beginning in 2017.

The RMLC has proposed an interim rate well below their previous deal, the effect of which would have a significant impact on the royalties paid to songwriters, composers and music publishers. The RMLC has justified its proposed rate based upon incomplete and incorrect information regarding radio performances. BMI disagrees fundamentally with the RMLC’s proposal and, consistent with past practices, is asking the Court to maintain its most recent rate while new terms are negotiated.

Mike Steinberg, Senior Vice President of Licensing for BMI, stated, "We attempted to negotiate in good faith with the RMLC for many months, and just before the end of the year, the RMLC presented an interim rate that significantly undervalues the work of our songwriters. Given the unmatched caliber of our company's repertoire, our superior market share on radio, and the ever-increasing value that BMI music brings to the radio industry across all its platforms, we believe the RMLC’s proposal falls well short of what is in the best interests of our affiliates.”

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