Blue Mics Debuts Nessie Adaptive USB Mic

Blue Microphones has announced Nessie (, the solution for desktop recording of vocals, instruments, voiceovers and more. Nessie adapts in real time, applying professional studio processing, combined with a built-in pop filter and internal shockmount.

Nessie’s key features and internal processing are designed to combat the most common pitfalls of recording. The built-in pop filter and shockmount reduce harsh plosives and disruptive rumbling and vibrations, while the processing, including EQ, de-esser and level control, automatically smoothes and refines your audio in real time.

Nessie employs a single custom-tuned condenser capsule with a cardioid pattern. Its three recording modes are optimized for richer vocals, more detailed instruments or an option for raw audio for manual post-production editing. Nessie features a zero-latency headphone output for direct monitoring, while headphone volume and instant mute are located directly on the microphone. Nessie is plug-and-play compatible via USB with both PC and Mac with driverless installation. For mobile recording, connect to iPad using Apple’s camera adapters (30-pin to USB or Lighting to USB), sold separately.

For more information about Nessie, MSRP $99.99, visit