Shure Announces Campaign with Adam Levine

Shure, a global audio electronics provider with a 94-year history in the audio industry, announced at CES that Adam Levine will be the face of Shure in a new marketing campaign to launch wireless noise-canceling headphones and true wireless earphones. Levine has been involved with Shure for more than a decade and will be featured in the company’s new promotional campaign.

Marketing efforts will kick off in Spring 2020 when Shure will make these new products available. The wireless noise-canceling headphones and true wireless earphones will enhance their existing line of listening products.

Shure’s new products include the AONIC 50 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones. Shure provides headphones for the professional audio industry—people who wear headphones all day for a living.

The company is also launching the AONIC 215 True Wireless Sound IsolatingEarphones with the same design musicians use for in-ear monitoring on-stage. With up to eight hours of battery life and three additional full charges on the go, these earphones feature tremendous sound quality in a small package with exceptional comfort and a secure fit for an uninterrupted, world-class listening experience.

To stay true to Shure’s audio quality, the company’s team of acoustical engineers focused on balancing the ambient sounds and acoustics of the AONIC product line. These efforts align with the latest Bluetooth® technology and codecs, which are now able to accurately deliver Shure audio quality in a wireless format.

Special attention was given to:

  • Battery Life – Fly from one corner of the world to the other on a single charge
  • Adjustable Noise Cancelling – Block out unwanted noise for a fully immersive experience
  • Environment Mode – Fine-tune how much of the outside world to let in with the free ShurePlus PLAY app for iOS and Android, specifically engineered by Shure to enable product feature customization for the new AONIC line

Full product details will be available when the products launch in Spring 2020.

CES attendees can preview the new headphones and earphones in a real-world experiential setting at the Shure booth (#20200). For every AONIC demo, Shure will make a donation to Save The Music, a music education non-profit helping kids, schools, and communities discover their full potential through the power of making music. All attendees who participate in a demo will be entered to win a pair of new headphones, earphones or VIP tickets to Lollapalooza 2020, which takes place in Shure’s hometown of Chicago. Fans can sign up to receive updates on the campaign with Adam Levine and the products at Shure.com/AONIC.

Fans can sign up to receive updates on the campaign with Adam Levine and the products here.