Bevin at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Bevin can definitely advertise some powerful, emotional songs. Notable standouts in the set were “Fade Me To Black,” “Nowhere To Build a Fire,” and “In The Name Of,” which offered poignant lyrics, strong melodies, and overall memorability. The remainder of the songs each had their strengths and weaknesses, none of which so glaring as to be notable. However, the songs could start to become a little tedious by the end of the set, due to similar arrangements and unfiltered song structures. Varying the dynamics of the arrangements will make a huge difference in the overall quality of the material.

Musicianship: Bevin arrives in an unassuming package, which makes her strong voice even more delightful. Her tone, control and pitch are top notch, offering strength and versatility to each song. In addition, Bevin’s band played a high-quality show with enthusiasm to spare. They are clearly excellent players, and had a great level of energy on stage. At times, the drum sound overwhelmed more subtle qualities of the show, leaving me craving some of the soft vocal harmonies or juicy bass parts, but that may be in part due to the size of the venue.

Performance: Bevin herself is a captivating performer. Dressed like a rockstar, with a voice to match, but not at all lacking in charm and professionalism, the only place that Bevin falls short is in physicality. Despite a rather stationary performance, she expertly grabbed our attention. In fact, the crowd ate her up, cheering and dancing with her in a way that made the venue seem much more energized. Bevin also managed to make her powerful political statements refreshing and nonjudgmental. The elements came together in a seamless performance that might only be enhanced by more movement from her band .

Summary: Bevin is an impressive rock band that stands out among the many aspiring bands in Los Angeles. The songs are strong, and will get even stronger with more intriguing lyrics and more streamlined structures. Bevin’s vocals are lovely, bright and powerful, with unparalleled tone and control. Spending time on this band will pay off; they are headed for greatness.

The Mint Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]
Web: americangothicrock.com
Players: Bevin(lead vocals); Todd Herfindal(vocals, lead guitar); Dylan Ris(guitar); Matt Starr(drums); Brian Duke Song(bass)