Musicians Launch Band Management Website

OurStompinGrounds.com, a unique online band management website, is announcing their official launch. This completely free website takes a fresh look at how local, independent musicians managed their careers.  Other sites help bands connect with fans, but leave them to fend for themselves when it comes to the business side of music.

OurStompinGrounds.com set out to change that.  It’s like an online dating site for bands, musicians, and venues.

OurstompinGrounds.com helps bands organize the business side of making music by helping them connect with other bands through their exclusive Show Swap feature.  It also allows bands to search for, and book shows with music venues across the country.  It also helps those music venues search for bands and musicians.

Features allow members to upload photos and music, schedule shows, post availability, build shows with other bands, and chat with other bands, musicians, and venues.  “This is an independent musician’s superstore,” said Cofounder Dan Beck. “We have everything a local band needs to be successful, and we have everything a venue needs to find the right band.  If you make or showcase music, then this is for you!”

OurStompinGrounds.com was created by Dan Beck and Greg (Bird) Michalec Jr.  Dan and Bird learned the ropes of the independent music scene the hard way in the early 2000’s through their Akron, Ohio band Facemaker.  Facemaker became a local favorite, but not without setbacks and losses due to lack of understanding of the business side of the music industry.

“We learned the hard way, often getting suckered from clubs, managers and promoters.  We lost money and wasted a lot of time.  We learned from our mistakes.  We want to lead the way for others so they can focus on the music,” Dan said.

“Contract negotiations, and doing the legwork to find gigs aren’t things people want to do when they’re playing.” Bird said, “We made this site for people like me, who just want to get on stage and play.”

If you’re in a band, are a musician, or a venue that hosts live music, sign up at OurStompinGrounds.com.