AudioKite Research Freebie


For this week's Freebie, Audiokite is Giving Away 1-Year Membership
+ Listener Report to 4 Lucky Winners!


Four winners will receive a free 100-Listener Audiokite report as well as a free year of Audiokite Pro. Audiokite reports allow you to collect valuable consumer feedback in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format. Audiokite Pro adds exclusive features like including a promotional link and downloading raw data.

Audiokite Research (http://www.audiokite.com/) is helping musicians and labels gain valuable insight into the commercial potential and public perception of their music through affordable, data-driven research. Audiokite sends your song to real listeners in the United States, who review the song in a comprehensive survey. Once the results are in, the reviews are organized into an easy-to-understand report. Reports cover everything from commercial and synch licensing potential to the actual feelings listeners experienced while hearing the song, with advanced features like genre targeting and demographics tracking.

Retail value: $620 (4 x $120 + 4 x $35)