Update: Audio-Technica's "Basic Recording Techniques" Video Tutorials

As part of Audio-Technica’s ongoing series of resources that help users adjust to the circumstances brought about by the health crisis, the company offers its video tutorial series “Basic Recording Techniques” on YouTube, which features 20 different videos covering the basics of recording solo vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, saxes and more. The videos are short, engaging, easy to follow and filled with useful info.

A scene from Audio-Technica’s video “Basic Recording Techniques: Acoustic Guitar,” showing the Artist Elite® AE5100 large diaphragm cardioid condenser instrument microphone in use.

In the clip “Basic Recording Techniques: Solo Vocals,” different microphones are compared for different singers, ranges and deliveries. Several videos outline recording techniques for different types of guitars – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric guitar (multi-microphone) and electric bass – with different microphones and recording approaches demonstrated. “Basic Recording Techniques: The Piano” is another highlight, with a grand piano captured with a number of different microphone configurations contrasted. Saxophones get their own dedicated video, with the popular sizes/ranges of saxes matched with the particular types of microphones that are suited to their unique timbres.

Autoplay the entire playlist here, or visit the individual video links below: