Attend Steve Hackman's 'Radiohead X Brahms' with Orchestra

On June 28, 2024 the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles will play host to ‘Radiohead X Brahms,’ an innovative symphonic synthesis of Radiohead’s universally acclaimed 1998 album OK Computer and Johannes  Brahms’ canonical First Symphony. The performance offers a reimagined experience of each work by seeing it through the lens of the other, exploring the explosive tension and deep pathos they have in common. The wholly unique experience features a full symphony orchestra and three vocalists, coming together under the baton of the visionary creator and conductor Steve Hackman

Following the premiere in Los Angeles, the series will travel to major cities including ChicagoNew York, and London, with exciting future productions planned such as ‘Drake X Tchaikovsky’ and ‘The Resurrection Mixtape [Notorious BIG X 2Pac X Mahler].’

For more information and ticket purchases, visit: ticketmaster.com/event/090060A2C16E5853

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